Silian National Army




Silian Alliance


Silian Founding Law


2,080,439 active personnel

946,989 reserve personnel

3,027,428 total

Part of

Silian National War Department


“Never Surrender”




Silian-Hispanic Wars (1400s-1994)

·      Silian-Spanish Three Days War

War of Austrian Succession

World War II (1944-45)

Weird Wars (2007-)

2014-2015 NC-SU Standoff (2014-15)

Silia City Massacre (2014)



President Mopen Mople

Chief of Staff

Marshal Styre

Vice Chief of Staff

Group Marshal Keldon

Silia fields three military groups, the SNA (Silian National Army), the SNWF (Silian Naval War Fleet), the SAF (Silian Air Force), and the SNG (Silian National Guard).  Sub-groups of the SNA include the Marines, the Military Police, and the Flamethrower Corps.  Sub-groups of the SNWF include the Navy Seals.

Silian National Army

Also known as the Silian Army, the National Army, the Army, or the Ground Forces, the Silian National Army maintains a well-trained army of 3 million troops.  Known as the Silian National Army,

War Forces (SNLF), this is the primary army group in Silia.  Mostly used for

defending Silian homeland, sometimes it is used to attack, occupy, or assist other countries (notable examples include the NC-SU standoff (2014-15), or the Silian-Spaniard Three Days War (1994)).

Sometimes it operates in conjunction with the Silian Naval War Fleet.


The Uniform of the SNAF consists of a grey turtleneck undershirt and long grey long johns under camouflage pants and a camouflage jacket with an ammo belt slung across the left shoulder.  All Commissioned Silian soldiers wear berets with the golden badge of SADO on the front.  NCOs wear plain Black berets.  In combat situations, the beret may be swapped with a Kevlar helmet.  All soldiers Sergeant and up wear a dark-tan vest, excluding Group Captains, who wear dark-tan jackets.  Generals do not wear helmets or hats, and are identified by a left red sleeve.  All Silian soldiers wear dark-grey gloves. 

Specialized units, su

Weapons consist mostly of AK-47s, primarily the AKM variant.  Silian soldiers may also use M16s and M16 variants.  Other weapons used by Silian soldiers are G36s, MGLs, Combat LMGs, M60s, M79s, and M9s.


Line Rank